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Most recent update June, 2007

This is a general disclaimer regarding all software on this site. The authors of this software take absolutely no responsibility for the code and software found here unless otherwise specified. This in no way implies anything about the quality of the code or software contained here.

This web site relies on user contributions of software and information. If you would like to contribute or know anyone who would like to contribute please inform them of what you have seen here and get them to email me, John Christie. It seems to be very difficult to find code for experiments. I think many people would be very interested in Supercard, Revolution, FutureBASIC, or other current RAD development environment code. Python code is highly welcomed.

Furthermore, if you wish to have an experiment that you need implemented on a personal computer, (Macintosh, Linux, or PC) then please, email me. I have very reasonable rates.

Programming the Macintosh in C and C++ (new OS X code!)

This page contains links to source for programming Psychology experiments. There are three C frameworks here for constructing Psychology experiments. One by myself (the most rudimentary), one by Matt Paterson, and one by William Schmidt. There are also links to code samples from Matt for dealing with an Eyelink eye tracker. There are two complete projects available. One of them is for a Stoop negative priming experiment and the other is for any kind of image presentation experiment with voice responses you would like to construct. The current implementation of that one only allows one image per trial. A final project is available for doing a negative priming study similar to that of Strayer & Grison (1999). It presents word pairs and uses a software voice key for responses. This is for Mac OS X and uses the Project Builder development environment.

Programming in BASIC

So far there is only one REALBasic example, but I hope for more.

Programming in MatLab

This page contains links to code samples from Charles Colin. They are primarily for visual perception work using MatLab and the PsychoPhysics toolbox. Contact information for Charles is on that page

Hardware Interface Info

There is a third page with some hardware information specifically for Psychologists. That only contains one link to what I think is an interesting new device for interfacing with OS X over USB ports. The price is definitely right for psychologists.

The following links are also provided for your convenience.

MacScience is a collection of links to Mac OS X applications for science. Run by Simon Gadbois it is a great place to keep up to date on any of the latest applications for science.

Psyscope is a complete package for performing Psychology experiments. While it does not involve programming in the classical sense it requires programming like skills (as any similar general use package does). There is currently work under way porting it to Mac OS X.

VideoToolbox is a framework for performing experiments in psychophysics. Many of the fundamental components of VideoToolbox are used in the code on this site and much thanks is given to the authors of this code.

Psychophysics Toolbox is a collection of MatLab routines that are useful to both the Psychophysicist and Cognitive Psychologist. Go to the site for more information.

Vision Egg is a Python based system similar to what you might want to use Psychophysics Toolbox for but you don't have to buy Matlab to use it.